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Engine diagnostics and fault code repairs in Thamesmead

How car diagnostics work

Dashboard lights will warn you of many of the common problems that can arise in your vehicle, often giving the first indication that there may be a problem internally. As soon as a light appears on your dashboard, it is important that you get it checked as soon as possible, ignoring warning lights could lead to more complicated repairs further down the line that often come with much bigger costs.

While dashboard lights will warn you in advance of most problems, they won’t inform you of every problem. That’s where the professional diagnostics equipment we have at MOT Factory plays an important role. When you bring your vehicle into our garage, we will plug it into the expert diagnostic equipment which will provide us with a full reading of your vehicle. This will highlight any minor or major problems that need addressing quickly to prevent the costs from stacking up.

Knowledgeable advice from expert technicians

At MOT Factory, our team are skilled in performing full diagnostic checks, and while we can offer helpful advice over the phone, it is always preferable to look at the car in person and identify what is really wrong, only then can we offer the most informed advice. While the dashboard lights are an excellent warning, it takes a further examination of your vehicle to really know what is causing a problem and whether or not there is more than one area that may be in need of repairs.

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Upfront about problems

Once we have diagnosed the problem with your vehicle, we will immediately contact you to inform you of the problem. At MOT Factory, we understand that you’ll want to know exactly what is wrong with your vehicle, which is why we can also send you a short video, outlining the main problems.

We have an open policy at MOT Factory, which means we will never perform any minor or major work on your vehicle without your prior knowledge and consent. Our team will provide all the advice that you need to understand the best course of action to get your vehicle back on the road before you make a decision.

We’ll find the problem and get you back on the road

If you decide that you would like one of our qualified mechanics to perform the necessary repairs then we will source any parts that may be needed, all of which will come with our new part guarantee. We can then quote you a price for the work and book you in for any repairs that may be needed.

If you need to book in for an appointment quickly for a diagnostic check or a free health check, you can use our simple online booking form that will allow you to book an appointment at MOT Factory at a time that suits your needs. If you think you’ll have trouble getting to us, you don’t need to worry because we also provide a free collection and delivery when needed.

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