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Expert MOT Tests and Professional Servicing Guaranteed

As a local garage we want to deliver the best service we can to our local customers, which is why we offer special MOT and servicing packages to not only save you money but keep your car maintained and importantly, safe to drive. We have three separate tiers of package available at MOT Factory, with different services provided to meet your individual vehicle needs. Book a silver or gold service and receive a free class 4 MOT.

Interim car service

This covers the main aspects of your vehicle servicing requirements to get your service book stamped. The engine only service will provide a full check on your tyres, your services lights and oil filters.

Full or silver service

Our intermediate package will cover everything in the engine only check, but with the addition of a free MOT test and additional services. Our technicians will check your brakes by removing the wheels, test your suspension, and provide a full light check.

Gold or major service

As well as covering everything included in the engine and silver package, along with the free MOT test, the gold package provides our most extensive check, ensuring your vehicle is in the best possible condition. Just a few of the extra gold package services include; air conditioning top-ups, brake fluid tests, seat belt and wiper checks and screen-wash top-up.

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The importance of expert car servicing

Servicing is not only a requirement to ensure your vehicle has a full-service history, but it is also important to maintain the value of your vehicle, keep it in a safe condition and prevent large repairs from being required. A professional service goes above and beyond the standard MOT test checks, locating problems that may not be otherwise found and ensuring that your vehicle has a good lifespan.

Depending on the model of your vehicle and which service package you choose, servicing will take a varying amount of time, but with our extensive knowledge of all manner of vehicle types, we will ensure that the job is completed efficiently. If we do find any problematic areas, we will inform you as soon as the servicing has been completed, talking you through what’s needed before you make a decision on repairs.

MOT tests – MOT Factory has you covered

MOT tests must be completed every year on vehicles that are over 3 years old, with tests able to be booked 28 days before the MOT on a vehicle runs out. At MOT Factory, we are readily equipped to not only perform car MOT tests but tests on class 1, 2, 4, 5 and 7 vehicles in our specialised MOT testing bays.

You can book both vehicle servicing and MOT tests using our online booking form, which means you can fit an appointment in when it suits you. By taking advantage of our MOT and servicing packages, you can make sure that your vehicle is ready to pass its MOT first time. However, if your vehicle does fail, our team are on hand to make sure you pass your free retest.

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