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Making sure your school minibus is safe on the roads

At MOT Factory, we provide services for vans and light commercial vehicles, so if there is a problem with your school minibus, we are here to lend a helping hand. We understand that when it comes to organising school trips or proving transport to and from school, having the bus break-down can be a very serious problem. We want to make sure that you can stay on the road, so when you choose our expert team to take care of your school bus, we will provide you with a replacement completely free of charge.

Thanks to our specialist minibus service bays, we can complete repairs inside where all the equipment we need to perform both minor and major jobs is ready for our technicians to use. If your minibus is in need of serious repair after an accident, or if you just want to make sure that the parts are in top condition, we will strive to get everything repaired at an affordable price and as quickly as possible.

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Professional school minibus MOT tests

Just like cars, minibuses need an annual MOT test to make sure that they are safe to drive and that they meet the expected emission levels. Required for vehicles over 3 years old, without an MOT certificate, it is illegal to drive on UK roads unless you are going to and from a garage. With a team that is trained and qualified to perform the needed checks on class 4, 5 and 7 vehicles that weigh less than 3500kgs, you can rely on us to make sure that your school minibus is completely safe to drive.

DSVA approved, we cover all the standard requirements, performing checks to the outside, inside and to the mechanics of your vehicle. We ensure that areas like the brakes, seat belts, windscreen, steering and lights are all in safe working order. If your minibus fails the MOT test, then we will inform you of what needs repairing, with the choice as to whether we complete the repairs in your hands.

Full Servicing and Repairs by Our Qualified Team

Servicing is extremely important for minibuses that are used by schools if they are not correctly maintained, there could be serious and expensive problems in the future. Using our excellent 3-tiered servicing packages, you can make sure that your minibus is not only in the condition needed to transport children, but that you don’t have to pay for expensive new parts out of a school budget if a problem gets worse.

Our servicing options are extensive, so whether you need diagnostics running on your vehicle, the fluids in the minibus professionally checking or even a full wash and vacuum, we have you covered at MOT Factory. For all repair, servicing, and MOT work or even a free health check, just in case, you book an appointment on our website anytime of the day.

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