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Laser wheel alignment to keep your tyres protected in Thamesmead

Wheel alignment and how it works

One of the most common causes of wheels becoming misaligned are potholes, which vehicles that are regularly used on country roads are at risk of suffering damage. Overtime, the tyres on wheels that are not properly aligned will wear down quicker and need replacing a lot sooner than what is standard. At MOT Factory, we are able to offer expert wheel realignment services that are completed in line with your manufacturer’s specifications.

The process of realigning wheels can be quite lengthy and it is highly advised that it is completed by a technician that has been trained to complete the process. A qualified technician will take a closer look at the wheel angles and make the needed adjustments to ensure the vehicle’s wheels are parallel and aligned correctly with the ground. A specialist alignment machine is used to make sure that the correct suspension angles have been achieved on the caster, thrust, toe and camber of your vehicle.

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Problems to look out for

While having the alignment of your wheels checked is an important part of any standard vehicle maintenance, there are a number of problems that you can look out for every day and may indicate that a problem has arisen in between your servicing appointments. Some of the most noticeable indications of wheels being misaligned include:

If you are unsure as to whether or not your tyres are out of alignment, the safest bet is to book an appointment so a mechanic can perform the necessary checks on your vehicle.

What MOT Factory can do for your car

At MOT Factory, we have all the equipment ready to perform efficient wheel realignment, with our team trained to work to your vehicle’s specifications to ensure the optimum positioning is achieved. If left unchecked, misaligned wheels could be the cause of other serious problems. The vibrations that the misalignment can cause, and with the added pressure on your tyres, your tyres will quickly go bald- something that can be extremely dangerous.

Whilst we are realigning your wheels, we will also be able to assess the health of your tyres, making sure that they are still safe for the road and that the tread meets regulations. If you are concerned about your tyres or have noticed a problem and want to make an appointment, you can use our online booking form, available 24 hours a day, every day.

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